Toyosu market is the great market in Tokyo, which has a long history from the 17th century. The world’s biggest wholesale fish and seafood market was started in Nihonbashi in the 1600s, was located in Tsukiji for 83 years from 1935 to 2018, and is now in Toyosu.
A Mekiki is an expert who evaluates things through his skill and conviction, passed down from predecessors.
Let’s enjoy and experience the Japanese food culture of fish and seafood with Mekikis of the Toyosu fish market.

With our deep capabilities

MEKIKI has the skill to bring to market fish that you will love even more.

MEKIKI has the ability to open up the future of the fishing industry.

MEKIKI will convey the passion of fisherman, and the importance of life and the sea.

Those who eat fish evaluated with MEKIKI’s skill will be delighted and impressed.

You will never find anywhere but TOYOSU FISH MARKET such experts who have great skill and pride of fish and seafood

Not limited to Japan but around the world, MEKIKI’S skill and pride teach you HOW TO ENJOY MORE DELICIOUS FISH AND SEAFOOD and HOW TO LIVE WITH NATURE

Our missions(visions) are

making MEKIKI known worldwide !!

Aiming for fish, and a market, that is loved by more people!!

Furthermore, gathering supporters and growing MEKIKI should open the future of the fishing industry.  We believe that MEKIKI has this power!